About us.

Since the ancient of times from the Greek and Roman eras, thru the Renaissance and up to our present time, we have been dearly in touch with marble. Across the centuries, marble with its application has been a witness and a guide to past civilizations; carrying their artistic and architectural heritage to our knowledge.

Marble has not only been used in construction, but was rather a very important aspect in great monumental and architectural works, enhancing values in ornament and decoration, for cult and personal use.

It has been praised for its prestigious quality, for its magnificence and value by Vitruvio in his “De Architectura” during the 1st century B.C.

Since 1989 commencing with Mimar and continuing with Mirò we have set a philosophy working with marbles through well defined parameters, that emphasize quality and precision that are compatible and meet with the designers’ taste.

Our commitment for proper and persistent follow-up from the design stages, material selection, and through fabrication, has given a remarkable finish on some very prestigious jobs that clearly outline our dedication.

The following pages should brief the reader on some of the jobs where we have assisted in making a concept come true.

Id vero si marmoreum fuisset, ut haberet,
quemadmodum ab arte subtilitatem, sic
ab magnificentia et impensis auctoritatem,
in primis et summis operibus nominaretur“
Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
[De Architectura, Liber VII, Praef. 17] I° sec. A.C.