We took part in carrying out projects in


Since 1989 commencing with Mimar and continuing with Mirò we have set a philosophy working with marbles through well defined parameters, that emphasize quality and precision that are compatible and meet with the designers’ taste.

Our commitment for proper and persistent follow-up from the design stages, material selection, and through fabrication, has given a remarkable finish on some very prestigious jobs that clearly outline our dedication.


Over the years Mirò Italy has welcomed a series of events in its showroom, here are the main ones:

Scope for creativity for students at the Art School

A learning-work project that, in the first phase, has involved the Gentileschi school complex including the art school and the marble school. The project has enabled students to work in the evocative mega showroom full of slabs and pieces of sculpture: with all the equipment and materials made available for their use. Extract from a…

A mission in solidarity

An extraordinary red carpet in one of the most spectacular deposits in the area, for an auction of blocks with a mission of solidarity. Thirty-six blocks auctioned for charity : an initiative that marks a ( first ) historic achievement in the Apuan district. Extract from a full page article dedicated to the event. “Il…

Giannelli’s Gigantic Statues, a symbol of a humanity in eternal metamorphosis

Gigantic statues confined in a body that is in constant evolution. Evolution, with reference to Darwin, does not end in this or that era, but with the arrival and domain of technology, science and trends it continuously transform men who change by losing some characteristics while gaining others. Extract from a full page article dedicated…